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Patent Troll Sues FTC for Accusing it of Being a Patent Troll?

Posted in Federal Trade Commission, Intellectual Property
Yesterday, a suspected “patent troll” filed suit in Texas federal court against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging that the FTC unlawfully interfered with its constitutional right to identify and seek redress for patent infringement. Just last month, the FTC sent MPHJ Technology Investments LLC (MPHJ) a draft complaint accusing the company of engaging in… Continue Reading

Facebook Agrees to Pay $10 Million to Settle Right of Publicity Suit

Posted in Advertising, Advertising Litigation, Intellectual Property
Facebook has agreed to pay $10 million and make various changes to its terms in order to settle a lawsuit alleging that the company’s Sponsored Stories violates members’ rights of publicity. With Sponsored Stories, when a Facebook member "likes" a company, checks-in at one of its stores, or performs certain other actions, that member’s profile… Continue Reading

Obama Campaign Sues Company for Trademark Infringement

Posted in Intellectual Property
Last week, President Obama’s campaign committee filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a company for allegedly using the campaign’s trademarked “Rising Sun” logo without permission. According to the complaint, the company is “using the Rising Sun Trademarks on merchandise in a deliberate and willful attempt to draw on the goodwill and commercial magnetism of the… Continue Reading

White House Asks Retailer to Take Down Ad Featuring the President

Posted in Advertising, Intellectual Property
Last week, the White House asked Weatherproof to remove a Times Square billboard that featured President Obama wearing a Weatherproof jacket in front of the Great Wall of China. According to the White House, the billboard was misleading because it suggested that the clothing was endorsed by the President and that the White House had… Continue Reading