On April 29, 2010, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed a consumer protection bill which requires gift card issuers to redeem the card, upon request, if the remaining value is $5 or less. In addition, it bans retailers, restaurants and others from selling gift cards that have any type of fee, including a service fee, a

Recently, the Federal Reserve Board announced the final rules that amend Regulation E to implement the gift card provisions of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (“CARD Act”). The rules restrict fees and expiration dates on various types of gift certificates and cards, and require sellers and issuers to make specific disclosures. These

Last week, the Federal Reserve Board announced final rules that restrict the application of fees and expiration dates to store gift cards, gift certificates, and general-use prepaid cards. The rules are issued under Regulation E and become effective August 22, 2010.

The rules apply to gift certificates, store gift cards, and general-use prepaid cards, as

Major provisions of a new law related to credit and gift cards take effect today. The Credit CARD Act, which was signed by President Obama in May 2009, marked the culmination of several legislative efforts to reform certain practices of card issuers. The law provisions related to credit cards, discussed in this Kelley Drye

Skype, a service that lets consumers make phone calls online, agreed to settle a class action that challenged the company’s policy of expiring credits that were older than 180 days. While Skype is free for consumers who call each other over the internet, there are fees associated with various additional features. To use these features