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PCI DSSEarlier this week, the FTC issued orders to nine credit card and payment security auditors in an effort to gain insight into data security compliance auditing and its role in protecting consumers’ information and privacy.

The orders contain detailed questions concerning the assessment process for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) compliance, including 

If you or your company collect zip codes in California as part of a loyalty program or otherwise, and reverse data mine for additional customer information, you should be aware that the California Supreme Court recently granted a petition to review the issue of whether a retailer violates California’s Song-Beverly Credit Card Act if, in

With so much of the economy still struggling, credit harder to come by, and consumers being more conservative with their spending, various commentators have suggested that layaway programs are poised to make a comeback. However, retailers should be careful before implementing layaway programs, especially if they are doing so on a national basis.

Several states

Which among the following businesses are potentially subject to consumer financial services laws, rules, and regulations?

A. a retail clothing chain
B. a bank or mortgage company
C. an internet retailer
D. a fast food franchisor
E. all of the above

If you answered E, “All of the above,” you are CORRECT. However, many companies do not