Last week, the California legislature voted to send five amendments to the CCPA to the California governor’s desk.  The amendments include a one-year exemption for access and deletion rights to employee data and B2B communications; a provision exempting online-only businesses from operating a toll-free number to accept consumer requests; and a new mandate for data

This week marks the final opportunity for California lawmakers to amend the CCPA before the legislative session closes on Friday, September 13th.  The legislative posture of the amendments changed last Friday, when the Senate made changes to all of the active amendments.  These bills still require an affirmative vote of both houses this week before

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the California Assembly voted to approve four bills to amend the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The legislation now moves to the California Senate.

In total, the Assembly has approved ten CCPA amendments. Here’s the full list:

Approved by the California Assembly – May 28 & 29