ASRC President & CEO Lee Peeler has announced the retirement of Andrea C. Levine, Director of the National Advertising Division (NAD). During her 20year tenure, the NAD published more than 2,600 case decisions and built what has been described as the largest body of advertising precedent in the United States.

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Earlier this week, the BBB’s Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program announced its first compliance warning concerning the use of interest-based advertising in native advertising. “Native advertising” generally includes ads presented in the native format of the website, publication, or platform on which they appear. Although the BBB declined to mention the identity of the recipient,

Last Thursday, the BBB’s Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program issued a compliance warning, reminding online advertisers that its privacy code applies across devices and platforms and that the Accountability Program will enforce the code’s principles irrespective of the technology the advertiser uses to collect consumer activity and serve interest-based ads.

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