BaconAt last week’s Strata + Hadoop Worldwide Big Data Conference those “in the know” about all things Silicon Valley prophesized that “data is the new bacon.”  Witty comparisons aside, there is no question that big data has matured.  Companies across all industry types are clamoring to leverage every possible gigabyte of available consumer data.  As

Special counsel Richard Cohen was interviewed by Metropolitan Corporate Counsel in the law article “Weighing Public vs. Private Interests in the Big Data Economy: Innovations in technology continue to bring more questions about privacy.”  Mr. Cohen discusses the current startup environment, big data, and venture capital accelerators based on his extensive experience working with technology

Everyone’s talking about big data. Why? Well, it’s big. Its potential benefit and impending challenge to individual privacy and discrimination are tremendous. Last week, to analyze the technological dimension of big data and its significance for the future of privacy, the White House released a report entitled “Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values.” President Obama