Today the Federal Trade Commission released its much anticipated final Privacy Report, entitled Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: Recommendations for Businesses and Policymakers. The final report calls on companies to implement best practices to protect consumers’ private information (both on- and off-line), Congress to enact baseline privacy and data security legislation with civil penalties, and industry to accelerate the pace of self-regulation. The Report also supports legislation to provide consumers with access to information stored by data brokers and the opportunity to dispute the accuracy of such data.

The final Privacy Report applies to “all commercial entities that collect or use consumer data that can be reasonably linked to a specific consumer, computer, or other device, unless the entity collects only non-sensitive data from fewer than 5,000 consumers per year and does not share the data with third parties.” For companies that fall within such scope, the FTC recommends that companies implement the following best practices, and adds that, to the extent such recommended practices go beyond existing law, the privacy framework is not intended to be a template for law enforcement actions or regulations currently enforced by the FTC.

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